Newsletter - February 2015

02.12.15 | Newsletters

    Updates on the Winter Stroll Market and the Renovation project.

    St. Paul’s Newsletter

    February 2015


    It seems that it is always a busy month at St. Paul’s. This past few weeks have not only held the Annual Meeting which saw a change in vestry leadership and make up, but we’ve held pre Mardi-Gras dinners held at 5 different homes for a total of 50 congregants, we’ve been in front of the Architectural Access Board and we are surviving a very tough Nantucket winter.




    The Annual meeting was held on January 26th as the conclusion of worship. Interim Rector Gale Davis opened the meeting with a prayer and then comments. She pointed to this past several months as ones of enormous transition that include, a major expansion of the church, the loss of Rector Gene McDowell, the resignation of long time director of Christian Education, Mary Casey and changes to the leadership and membership of the Vestry. She sees the challenges for the coming year lying in on going fundraising efforts, the need to complete the renovation of our campus with particular attention to the Parish House (roof) and the Rectory, the search for a new Director of Christian Education and the ongoing search for a new Rector. At the same time she is confident that St. Paul’s has both the staff, a vestry and a congregation capable of meeting these challenges.


    The Search Committee reported that with the Parish Profile posted we are now receiving the names of interested candidates, a process that will continue through March 31st. A motion was made, seconded and unanimously approved to authorize the Vestry to call a new Rector.


    The Wardens report included the exhilaration of completing the Daume Entrance and the sadness in the loss of Reverend Gene McDowell. Mary Casey was thanked for her role as Director of Christian Education and Lou Gennaro and Bill Walker were thanked for their six years of service on the vestry. Randy Wight cited the retiring Warden Ken Beaugrand for his leadership, wisdom and problem solving that has guided us so successfully for the last several years. Ken was presented with a scrimshawed plaque.


    The Nominating Committee placed made the following nominations, all of which were approved:



    Stacey Stuart - Warden

    Randy Wight – Warden

    Jeff Blackwell – Asst Treasurer

    Pat Newton - Clerk



    Mary Lacoursiere (class of 2016 filling Stacey Stuarts term)

    Cece Fowler – 2017

    Jean Wagley – 2017

    Jeff Blackwell – 2017

    Cathy Ward – 2017


    Malcom MacNab and Lucy Bixby were elected as Delegates to the Diocesan Convention

    Paul Bornemann and Randy Wight as alternates.


    Frank Robinson will replace Dual Macintyre as Treasurer after appropriate training.


    The Treasurer’s report concluded that graced by the success of our Summer Fair and Stroll Weekend events and an unexpected gift we operated in 2014 with satisfactory financial results. It is likely that the 2105 results will reflect a deficit as a result of special expenses associated with the Rector Search and our issues with the AAB. Two Committees will evaluate revenue enhancement and cost control.



    In recognition of the coming of Lent, the Fellowship Committee organized pre-Mardi Gras dinners held by five different families and hosting interested parish members. A total of 50 people attended the dinners all of which were reported to be fun, a great opportunity to meet other parish members and pretty good dining to boot.



    The Andover Organ Company, issues an annual newsletter and the latest issue’s cover article featured the St. Paul’s renovation. A copy of the article is attached. +

    A loose translation of the limerick is:


    There once was an organ in Nantucket

    In a state very close to collapse

    It was necessary to renovate it

    And tune it

    It sings now and nothing in it clickets