November Newsletter

11.10.15 | Newsletters | by The Vestry

    The Ghost Walk, John Beach will be here soon, Gale Davis moves on, Nominations for the Vestry, The EMC and the Christmas Market

    St. Paul’s Newsletter

    November 9, 2015


    Annual Spaghetti Supper and Ghost Walk.  

    As you may know our Youth Group is now coordinated with St. Mary's Church under the leadership of Kenny Hilbig. This year the combined group, some 50 in all, participated in this annual All Saints event. This long-standing event has become for many participants a rite of passage (you must be at least in 6th grade to participate). The ghost walk was led by our Bill Jamieson and exposes the youth to just a few of the ghoulish secrets of out little island including a Lily Pond "creature" (AKA the younger Paul Borneman). The Spaghetti supper was a scene of both laughter and appropriate reverence, while the desserts were simply a big hit. Thanks to coordinators Christine Borneman and Deanna McCormick, to the Befrienders for the desserts and to Nancy Newhouse and Bambi Mlezcko who helped serve at St. Mary's.

     Reverend John Beach is making his way to our shores!

    We've been in ongoing communication with our new Rector John Beach. While he has been busy winding down his responsibilities to his Emmanuel Church in Geneva and preparing to move to Nantucket, we have kept him abreast of decisions that will need his participation or blessing as well as helping him learn more about St. Paul's (as an example he will get a copy of this Newsletter). Jean Wagley is heading a small transition committee that provides John with any information he requests about St. Paul’s as well as providing John with what we think may smooth his transition to Nantucket. We can report that John remains excited about joining us, and we feel an increasing comfort as we work with him. 

    John and Denise’s belongings were packed up on November 5 and will arrive on Nantucket the middle of December. The Rectory Committee consisting of Penny Macintyre, Nancy Bills, Dan Bills, Sheila Daume, Steve Paradis and Frank Robinson are getting their new home ready. The “ Holy Rollers”, who are parishioners, have been painting the rooms in the Rectory to make them brighter and more welcoming.John will arrive on island prior to Thanksgiving. His first service will be on November 29th, - appropriately the first Sunday of Advent. We look forward to his arrival and hope you will be able to join us on what will be a very special Sunday.

    As we bid farewell to Interim Rector Gale Davis 

    Interim Rector Gale Davis left St. Paul's at the end of October. St. Paul's will be Gale's last church as a priest, for she has now retired from the Ministry. She and her husband are celebrating her career with a long planned trip to China. 

    Gale celebrated her last Sunday at St. Paul's, and it turned out to be a wonderful service and included a “laying on of hands” and a wonderful choral tribute from both the adult choir and the children's choir. There were few dry eyes as we celebrated our faith and Gale's service to St. Paul's.


    Photos by Beverly Hall 

    During her year with us Gale helped smooth the transition from our beloved Gene McDowell to the search process and the calling of a new Rector. She proved to be a powerful voice in the pulpit and certainly awakened in many of us a greater sense of direction for St. Paul’s that allowed us to call John Beach with such confidence. The Vestry believes that this was overall a very positive experience. "Supply Clergy" (largely familiar faces at St. Paul's) will fill in between Gale and John.

    Vestry Nominating Committee

    Normand Berthelette is heading a Nominating Committee consisting of members of the Vestry and the congregation to identify four Vestry members and one Warden whose names will be offered for approval at the January 24 Annual Meeting. Vestry members are elected to a three-year term and may stand for re-election for a second three year term. Current Vestry members Martin McKerrow and Phil Smith will be standing for re-election. Vestry members Malcolm McNab and Normand Berthelette, having both served two three year terms, will be stepping down from the Vestry, and we are seeking two new candidates to replace them. Randy Wight has served the maximum permitted six-year term as Warden. At the Annual Meeting the parish will also be electing two diocesan delegates.

     If you have suggestions for Vestry membership or Warden, please contact Norm ( ).

    The Every Member Canvass (EMC) needs your help.

    Under the leadership of Pam Goddard, the EMC is off to a strong start. However, after an initial flurry of activity, the receipt of pledge cards has slackened. While we’ll be following up with congregation members who have not pledged or gifted, it is not too late to avoid the follow up call. The EMC is critical to the financial success of St. Paul’s. It helps us create a vibrant and active Church as well as support our outreach activities and maintain our four building campus that always seems to need more paint and repairs – or as you’ve seen some major capital investments.

    Christmas Market 

    Please put our annual Christmas Market on December 5, 9:30am-3: 30pm on your calendar. Volunteers are always welcome!