Vestry Actions - April 2015

04.19.15 | Vestry Actions

    In April we reviewed finances, and prepared for the Bishop's visit.

    Vestry Actions

    April 16th, 2015


    The Vestry met on April 9th, 2015.

     Normand Berthelette served as Chaplain and opened the meeting with a prayer.


    • The vestry received reports on Christian Education and music (the latter delivered electronically). The search for a replacement for Mary Casey continues.


    • The Fellowship report presented a large number of upcoming activities including a visit on April 26 of Bishop Gayle Harris. The Ship’s Inn Parish dinner is tentatively scheduled for June 11th.


    • The Treasurer’s report showed encouraging financial performance for the first quarter of 2015, helped by an unexpected contribution and lower expenses due to the Christian Education opening. The Vestry approved the Treasurer’s report.


    • The report on the Architectural Access Board (AAB) was quite detailed, and indicated that we are in the process of receiving an up to date appraisal of the Church and a separate appraisal of our stained glass windows. The Vestry approved the expenditure of up to $5,000 for the purpose of appraising the windows. We believe that the replacement value of the church would put us under the 30% threshold that allows the AAB to regulate accessibility of our space.


    • The new website is currently being set up and populated with largely existing text and photographs. A small number of Vestry members are going to “Test Drive” the website leading to final decisions on content and navigation. Estimated ongoing annual costs of the website will be about $1,000.


    • The Capital Campaign Committee reported that they are following up with letters to Congregants who have multi-year pledge commitments and are somewhat behind on their payments. We hope to collect about $100,000 of the outstanding balance in the relatively near future. Overall outstanding balances are relatively small.


    • The Buildings and Grounds Committee has decided to cover the open areas of the Narthex with painted plywood in order to make that space more attractive. We are continuing to chase down the leak in the tower and with James Lydon will be using a lift to do a full inspection of the roof and cricket (a cricket keeps water running off as opposed to pooling on the roof).


    • The Interim Rector and Wardens reported that Bob Brust has chosen to resign from the Vestry and they will make a recommendation on a person to replace him in his unfilled term in the next month or so. A number of names of congregants will be evaluated. The Vestry approved the use of the Church for the High School Baccalaureate service on June 4th.


    • Normand Berthelette closed the meeting with a prayer.