Vestry Actions August 2015

09.01.15 | Vestry Actions | by The Vestry





    • Treasurer’s Report: Dual Macintyre

    Dual reported receiving a $50,000 bequest from the estate of Bill Hays; St. Paul’s has been notified we will receive two more bequests of $25,000 each from the Ferguson and Chadwick estates. On Dual’s recommendation the Vestry agreed that the Hays’ bequest should be deposited in the “Vestry Reserve” with the proviso that at the end of the year the bequest, to the extent not required to cure an operating deficit, will be transferred to our endowment or such other account the Finance committee recommends. The difference between the actual year-to-date net operating income - <$66,100> - and that budgeted - <$78,600> - $12,500 - will help offset the projected year-end deficit. Dual noted he has made a $5,000 deposit for air conditioner condensers for the Rectory.


    Dual then reported that the proposed lease renewal for the Lighthouse School for the upcoming year includes a $1,000 increase for space and a $1,000 increase for utilities. He noted that our charges for space is less than the going rate for Nantucket commercial space and that having the school as a tenant is part of our outreach. A formula for payment of Parish House utilities of 65% St. Paul’s and 35% Lighthouse School has been devised; if there is a difference at the end of the school year, adjustments will be made either by rebate or additional charge. Dual further noted the school is very good with helping maintain building space and it is providing fresh paint to basement stairs and bathrooms and new carpeting for the basement classroom. A motion to approve the lease as presented was approved.


    • Malcolm MacNab Presentation:

    Malcolm asked the Vestry to consider the idea of creating a touch video presentation on the history of the church that may be accessed by the hundreds of people who visit the Church during the week. It would be placed in a convenient location within the church, perhaps on the back of the rear left pew. Bob Ford has written a script pro bono, and Karen MacNab has volunteered to narrate it. The main expenses would be the creation of the video. Normand Berthelette volunteered to donate the equipment. Dan Driscoll has given Malcolm an estimate of $6,000 to produce a very professional video. Additional subjects, such as what we do, can be added to the video at a later date. The Communications Committee and the Vestry are supportive of the project. The entire Communications budget will be discussed at the next Vestry meeting, including ways to cover the video expenses.


    • AAB Update: Frank Robinson

    Frank noted he had sent to the Vestry a recent letter from the AAB, turning down our request that the AAB accept our higher appraisals (in lieu of the Town’s assessed valuation) for the value of the church building and the stained glass windows and that would have negated the application of the AAB’s “30% Rule” to our church building (The Rule would require all therein to be “accessible.”). He then discussed future actions St. Paul’s can undertake. Frank was authorized by motion and unanimous vote to spend up to $15,000 for consultants and counsel.


    • Search Committee Report: Lou Gennaro, Chairman

    Lou thanked the Vestry for support of the Search Committee. He reviewed the work of the committee during the past year culminating in the recommendation that the Vestry accept the Search Committee’s recommendation to call The Rev. John Beach as our new Rector. After extensive discussion, a motion was made to call Rev. Beach as our next Rector and unanimously approved. Lou requested this action be kept entirely confidential until the Wardens issue the call, a contract has been agreed upon by both parties, and an announcement of the fact made to the entire congregation.

    • Finance Committee Report: Phil Smith, Chairman

    The Committee, with members Jeff Blackwell, Jean Wagley and Phil Smith, met on June 15, 2015 and reviewed the Church financial records for fiscal year 2014. The Diocesan checklist was used for the purpose, and the Committee found all in order. The Vestry voted to accept the results of such audit. Phil noted no major discrepancies were uncovered, and made recommendations, which were accepted, for a few procedural changes. Phil also suggested to the Vestry that it revisit how the audit is done and presented the idea that our professional auditor, Peter Lamb, be engaged every year instead of every third year. Phil also suggested that a quarterly report be sent to Parishioners on the status of their pledges and further recommended the annual report made to the parish in January be given summer members. It was stated there is a great need to bring current our e-mail list.


    • Executive Committee: Randy Wight, Co-Warden

    Randy announced that Patrick Atkinson, Executive Director of the God’s Child Project in Guatemala, will speak briefly at the August 30 services.


    Randy stated that the six topics generated by the recent retreat and prioritized by Vestry members will be reviewed individually at the next several Vestry meetings.


    The next regular meeting will be on Thursday, September 3, 2015 at 4:00, in the Parish House.