Vestry Actions December 2015

12.29.15 | Vestry Actions | by The Vestry

    A report on the December Vestry Meeting

    Vestry Actions

    December 10th Vestry Meeting


    John Beach opened the meeting with a prayer.


    • Treasurer’s Report (Frank Robinson): Given generous bequests and gifts, the St. Paul’s will be able to fully offset special expenses associated with the AAB settlement, the Rector Search and the capital costs of our campus. We expect to operate with a positive cash flow for the year. Before expenses associated with such things as the search for a new Rector and the legal expenses of our appeal to the AAB,  operating income will exceed operating expenses.
    • By Law Committee (Frank Robinson): Proposals sent to the Diocese’s Standing Committee were rejected. The subject has been tabled until 2016.
    • Communication’s Committee Report (Martin McKerrow): The Committee met during the month and was joined by John Beach. Progress continues towards streamlining the Bulletin and with John’s input they will evaluate a creating and formatting a weekly Newsletter that would include much of what is currently in the Bulletin.
    • Nominating Committee (Norm Berthelette): The Committee is preparing a slate of nominations for the Vestry to be presented at the Annual Meeting.
    • EMC Update (Pam Goddard): A total of 104 pledge cards have been received with total pledges of about $216,000.
    • Building and Grounds (Steve Paradis): The B&G Committee will be generating a Long Range Capital Plan for our Campus. It will co-ordinate with the House Committee. John Beach suggested that we have a “work Day” for the Parish of 3-4 hours in January or February.
    • Other Business: Randy Wight who is stepping down as Co-Warden attended her last Vestry Meeting.
    • Rector’s Report:

    The Rector is working diligently to get to know Parishioners, has visited Sherburne Commons and is making himself known in the Community.

    There will continue to be two Sunday Service, but the 8:00 AM service will move to the Chapel.

    The Annual Meeting will be held on January 24th and there will be only one service that day which will be followed by lunch.

    The First Day of Epiphany, January 6th will consist of a morning service and an early evening Eucharist followed by potluck supper.

    The Rector introduced a resolution that would create and Executive Committee consisting of the Wardens, the Treasurer, the Asst. Treasurer and the Rector. After Discussion it was approved after being amended to include all Vestry officers (adding the Secretary).

    • John Beach closed the meeting with a prayer.