Vestry Actions, December 2016

12.12.16 | Vestry Actions | by Pam Goddard

    A summary of actions taken by the Vestry at the December meeting.

    St. Paul's Vestry met at 4PM on Thursday, December 8, 2016.

    Children's Ministry: Sister Susanna

    While the group is small, we are maintaining many of the events from the previous year, such as the backpack blessing, Sunday school classes, and the Christmas pageant, as well as adding a brunch for parents in September, to be followed by another in January, to hear from parents how the church might best minister to their families.



    Treasurer's Report: Frank Robinson

    Year-to-date income is favorable when compared to expenses. If our December ordinary expenses (which will include our $10,000 annual contribution to the diocesan capital fund) do not exceed our ordinary income (which will include approximately $10,000 in net revenue from the Christmas Market) by more than $18,141, then for all of 2016 StP’s ordinary income will at least equal its ordinary expenses. 

    A resolution to use the remaining funds of the Barbara Malcolm bequest and any future bequests towards the cost of repairing the bell tower was unanimously approved.



    First Look 2017 Budget: Dual Macintyre

    An overall loss has been projected for the year; this is normal. Fundraiser expectations have all been reduced. Outreach number increased due to raised diocesan assessment, based on our operating budget. Buildings and grounds may begin to take a substantial portion of our income. How do we increase our income to balance this inevitable expense?


    EMC: Pam Goddard

    We continue to see an increase compared to last year's numbers: an additional 31 cards for this year, for a total of 135: funds totaling $287,614, compared to last year at the same time $216,810, for a difference of $70,804.


    Buildings & Property Update: Luke Thornewill

    Brief overview of the assembled report, which includes floor plans for each building on our campus; includes lists of needed projects with priority noted. We can now make budget projections for maintenance issues on an annual basis.



    Executive Committee Report: Lou Gennaro

    Efforts to promote communication and decision making by having committees report at vestry meetings are underway.


    Rector's Time: John Beach

    Outreach: Trip to Cuba -wonderful to see churches flourish under an oppressive regime. The group visited five rural church communities.

    The diocese will host a workshop on Nantucket at St. Paul's about how to be present with and minister to the elderly, ill, and grieving in our community.

    Worship: Blue Christmas service will be Wednesday, December 14th.
    Girl Scout Sunday will be celebrated at St. Paul's on March 19, 2017.

    Children & Youth: John Beach will take any interested youth to Boston on February 19-20 to attend Cathedral Commons, a eucharistic service in the Boston Commons, spend the night at the Cathedral, and get a view of inner city ministry.


    Other Business:

    Martin McKerrow revisited the state of Malcolm MacNab's video, which is in limbo due to a lack of a decisionmaking process. A committee of Luke Thornewill, Normand Berthelette, Stacey Stuart, and Malcolm MacNab will move forward. A unanimous vote was taken to allocate up to $1,000 to finish this project.

    Sheila Daume asked a special envelope be added to this week's collection for donations to A Safe Place, in addition to the donations solicited for the brunch after the service.

    Curtis Barnes congratulated John Beach on the current newsletter. Lou Gennaro has also received several email compliments.

    Greening of the church will be after the service on December 18th.


    The meeting opened and closed with reflections by Lou Gennaro.