Vestry Actions - February 2015

02.15.15 | Vestry Actions

    What's going on at Vestry Meetings.


    Vestry Actions

    February 2015




    The Vestry met on February 5th 2015:


    Stacey Stuart served as Chaplain and opened the meeting with a prayer.


    • The Vestry welcomed newly elected Vestry members Mary Lacoursiere and Jeff Blackwell. Cathy Ward who was also elected to the Vestry at the January Annual Meeting was unable to join the meeting.
    • Mary Casey delivered her final Christian Education report, discussing the coverage available in her absence. Between the work of Kenny Hilbig and the existing Sunday school teachers we will have continuity of services. Interim Rector Gale Davis will lead the children’s Lenten program and Confirmation classes.
    • Mary and Gale informed the Vestry that Bishop Gayle Harris will visit St. Paul’s Saturday April 4th of Easter Weekend and will visit the Parish on Sunday April 27th.
    • Stacey Stuart reported that the January 22nd Chamber of Commerce’s “Chamber After Hours” held at St. Paul’s was well received and included tours of our stained glass windows.
    • Dual Macintyre reported on the progress of the The Search Committee. As of the Vestry meeting we had received multiple applications some of which look quite promising. In the near future, the Search Committee will evaluate when to commence visits to candidates.
    • Dual Macintyre gave the Treasurer’s report. At this time there is inadequate data to make any meaningful report on financial progress in 2015. Frank Robinson who will replace Dual as Treasurer in the course of 2015 also attended the meeting.
    • Martin McKerrow recommended that Monk Development’s product Ekklsia 360 (ekklesia360.com) be the platform for our new website. This recommendation was unanimously approved. We’ll review two references before proceeding with Monk.
    • Frank Robinson, in Steve Paradis’s absence, gave the Buildings and Grounds report. Our counsel Heather Baer of Sally & Fitch LLP. met with the Architectural Access Board (AAB) at a January 26th public hearing. The issue of the AAB’s authority – resulting from a 30% of valuation rule - over access issues in the sanctuary as opposed to the public spaces was discussed at that meeting. We believe that our position – that the AAB standards to not apply to the sanctuary - is supported by the precedent of an earlier case involving the Society of Jesus. However, we are hopeful that we will be able to reach a negotiated settlement with the AAB. The meeting concluded with the AAB extending our temporary Certificate of Occupancy.
    • Gale Davis delivered the Interim Rector’s report. She is requesting a review of our by-laws. She will continue to seasonally use alternative liturgies.
    • The Warden’s report was the welcoming of Stacey Stuart as a Co-Warden. Stacey reported that filling Ken Beaugrand’s shoes would be a challenging responsibility.

    Stacey Stuart concluded the meeting with a prayer.