Vestry Actions, February 2016

02.15.16 | Vestry Actions | by The Vestry

    Summary of February 4th Vestry Meeting

    The Vestry met on February 4th, 2015

    New Vestry Member:

    John Beach welcomed new vestry members Sandy Keys and Luke Thornewill and the new Warden Lou Gennaro

    Treasurer’s Report:

    As is normal the Church operated at a deficit in January. This result will be consistent with the proposed budget for 2016.

    Lighthouse School:

    It was unanimously agreed to extend a new three-year lease to the Lighthouse School. Members of the Vestry will talk to the School about their participation in the maintenance of the grounds and playground.

    Parish House:

    We will seek an AAB variance for the planned construction of new steps to the Parish House and will retain lawyer Deborah Ryan for that purpose. She earlier represented the Church with the variances requested from the AAB for our Sanctuary.

    Every Member Canvass Update:

    Pam Goddard reported that cards continue to come in, and we will send out a follow up letter prior to the end of February.

    Executive Committee Report:

    John Beach's installation service with Bishop Alan Gates has been set for Friday, June 17.

    Rector’s Report:

    There will be gatherings for children and adults on Wednesday evenings during Lent.

    A motion was made and unanimously approved to move the meeting time of the vestry to the second Thursday of each month at 4:00.

    Other Business:

    Sheila Daume presented the new needlepoint rug and asked that a request be made for underwriters to offset the approximate $3,500 cost of the project.

    Mary LaCoursiere, Bambi Mlezcko, and Martin McKerrow will persue avenues of publicizing John Beach's arrival.