Vestry Actions, January 2016

01.11.16 | Vestry Actions | by The Vestry

    A summary of actions taken by the vestry at the January meeting.


    The Vestry met on Thursday January 7th, 2016.

    The meeting opened and closed with prayers and meditations from Normand Berthelette.

    Buildings and Ground Report – Steve Paradis:

    BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: Steve Paradis (via email)

    Steve Paradis presented a list of projects to be completed in the coming years as well as their estimated cost, they included:

    • Fixing the leak from the bell tower with both cost and timing uncertain. However this is a high priority project:
    • Repair and maintenance on the louvers in the bell tower.
    • Complete the renovation of all the pews.
    • Nave and Chapel floor and winter cleaning, including sanding the Chapel floor and a thorough cleaning of all woodwork.
    • Rewire and replace the Church light switches.
    • Repair interior trim and replace missing trim.
    • Paint the or where appropriate, stain the nave.
    • Repair and replace exterior trim.
    • Complete the painting of the Parish House.
    • Paint the interior of the Parish House.
    • Replace the entry stairs to the Parish House to make access easier for all
    • Repair and paint the fence of the Parish House garden.

    Total estimated cost is over $80,000 (without the bell tower work) and the work will not all be accomplished in 2016, but staged over time.

    Treasurer’s Report – Frank Robinson:

    Resolutions were proposed and approved to move funds on our balance sheet to the appropriate accounting category.

    Presentation of the 2nd look budget for 2016: Dual will present the 2016 budget and review the underlying assumptions, including its provisions, immediate and contingent, for capital expenditures.

    Year end financial statements reflect that the Church enjoyed a positive cash flow for the year with available cash balances transferred to the appropriate long term asset account.   St. Paul’s finished the year with positive cash flow and adequate reserves.

    Dual Macintyre presented the preliminary budget for 2016, which calls for income and expenses to be in balance.

    Dual Macintyre was approved to continue in the role of Assistant Treasurer.

    Every Member Canvass – Pam Goddard:

    EMC pledges continue with 121 received thus far and revenues on target to meet our 2016 goal.

    Fowler will help prepare the letter.

    Executive Committee Report – Stacey Stuart:

    The Warrant for posting of Annual Meeting was Unanimously approved and it was reminded for Committee heads to submit reports to the Church office well in advance of the Annual Meeting.

    Rector’s Report – John Beach:

    John is now attending the Cape and Islands Deanery Meetings, he continues to solicit names of people who may be in need of pastoral care and he solicited general comments from the Vesty.

    Forums – Cathy Ward:

    Guest speakers have been lined up for the Sunday forum speaker series. Thus far speakers include: Chief Bill Pittman, Chuck Gifford, Sheriff Jim Perelman, Margaretta Andrews, Anna Kuszpa, Pauline Proch, and Diana Brown.

    Youth & Children's Committee:

    John Beach convened an ad hoc group to discuss how we can be more inclusive of children and youth and will form a committee to focus on this topic.

    Nominating Committee – Normand Berthelette:

    The Committee will submit a slate for approval at the Annual Meeting. Floor nominations will be permitted. The Vestry thanked Normand and Malcolm for their commitment and service to the St. Paul's Vestry these last three years.

    Stacey Stuart invited the current, outgoing, and incoming vestry members to an "in and out" dinner.

    Finance Committee Report Phil Smith:

    Phil, Frank Robinson, and Dual MacIntyre had lunch with Peter Lamb, St. Paul's outside auditor, who will put together a proposal to engage with St. Paul's more frequently than the current three year schedule. Possible changes/additions to current procedures include:

    • bequest accounting,
    • prepaid pledge/gift accounting, and
    • the addition of footnotes to the financial statements.