Vestry Actions - June 2015

06.11.15 | Vestry Actions

    A report on what happened at the June 4th Vestry Meeting.



    Youth Report: Kenny Hilbig, Youth Minister

    • Senior Youth trip to Six Flags New England was a great success. The funds they raised and donations to date left only a $350 deficit. Ann Colgrove will host an end of the year swim party for them.


    Education Report: Robin Junker-Boyce, Director of Children and Families Ministry

    • The children, first grade and up, will conduct three 10 a.m. services – on June14, July 19 and August 23. There will be a potluck supper at the Rectory after the June 10 rehearsal.


    5-year Goals: Each Vestry member presented a brief snapshot of his or her vision of St.   Paul’s in June 2020. The various presentations will be synthesized and used by the Vestry at its June 13 facilitated retreat.


    Treasurer’s Report: Dual Macintyre, Treasurer

    • With the receipt of additional pledge cards, we can expect to be close to our goal of $337,000 in total pledges. While monthly expenses continue, as forecast and budgeted, to exceed monthly income, for the first 5 months of the calendar year, our net operating income is $51,000 ahead of the amount of the budgeted loss.
    • We received our first invoices from our outside counsel in the matter involving the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board for approximately $25,000, and they will impact next month’s operating results.
    • We also received notice of an unrestricted bequest of $25,000. The Vestry voted to transfer the money when received to a special reserve for subsequent transfer to the endowment fund at year end if operating income is sufficient to cover operating expenses.


    Search Committee Report: Dual Macintyre, Vice Chair

    • The Vestry was given a confidential report on the progress of our search for a new Rector.


    Building and Grounds: Steve Paradis, Chair

    • Steve reviewed the detailed report emailed earlier to the Vestry on long range plans for specific projects for the Church, including Gardner Hall sound deadening, the Parish House and the Rectory. The Parish House roof is the first to be done, and though there is concern about noise disturbing neighbors, it was decided it must be done this summer when the Lighthouse School children are not around.
    • Steve recommended that in order to permanently fix the tower leak, a complete restoration must be done. He will get advice with time estimates and costs for this project. He anticipates that after all the items on his project lists are accomplished within five to ten years, only general maintenance will be needed for the properties.
    • Steve circulated a floor plan of the Church to show how the pews could be arranged for wheelchair access, and asked for suggestions of how to make space accessible for both the chairs and attendants. A subcommittee of Vestry members and Interim Gale Davis was appointed to make a recommendation to the Vestry with Church aesthetics, a welcoming atmosphere, and ease of creating the space needed to be major considerations.


    Website Report: Martin McKerrow

    • The new website will go “live” very soon.


    Executive Committee:

    • Stacey Stuart reported that Curtis Barnes will assign a Vestry member each Sunday to be stationed in the chapel to assist any who needs help in descending the chapel stairs when exiting the altar rail.
    • Stacey circulated a schedule of suggested fee increases for weddings, funerals and the like. After some proposed additional changes in amounts charged each, Stacey asked members to send her their suggestions and she will bring a new schedule to the Vestry at its July 2 meeting.
    • Stacey reported that the 2015 Nantucket Arts Council's annual Merit Award will go to long time parishioner, Reggie Levine.
    • Interim Gale Davis reported she is taking part in the high school baccalaureate service.


    Next regular Vestry meeting: Thursday, July2, 2015.