Vestry Actions, June 2017

06.08.17 | Vestry Actions | by Pam Goddard

    A summary of actions taken by the Vestry at the June meeting.

    St. Paul's Vestry met at 4PM on Thursday, June 8, 2017.


    TREASURER'S REPORT: Frank Robinson 
    YTD, total ordinary income lagged the budget by $10,400 but exceeded 2016 by $4,500.

    Amendment of Bylaws:

    Conflicts of Interest: Whenever a Member of the Vestry has a financial or personal interest in any matter coming before the Vestry, the affected person shall a) fully disclose the nature of the interest and b) withdraw from discussion, lobbying, and voting on the matter. Any transaction or vote involving a potential conflict of interest shall be approved only when a majority of disinterested Members of the Vestry determine that it is in the best interest of the Parish to do so. The minutes of meetings at which such votes are taken shall record such disclosure, abstention and rationale for approval. This motion was voted on and unanimously approved.

    Policy respecting the issuance of checks drawn on St. Paul's bank accounts:Checks in the amount of more than $3,000 drawn on the bank accounts of St. Paul's Church in Nantucket shall be issued only if signed by two persons authorized by the Vestry of the Church; provided, however, that, effective June 8, 2017, checks payable to the four following payees in amounts not in excess of $6,000 shall require only one such signature: §  Church Insurance Agency §  Church Pension Fund §  Episcopal Church Medical Trust §  Episcopal Diocese of MA (monthly assessments; the $10,000 check we write in December for our pledge to Together NOW would continue to require two signatures)This motion was voted on and unanimously approved.


    RECTOR'S TIME: John Beach
    Congregation Meeting July 23
    How can we be a more meaningful place of worship for our entire congregation?


    The meeting opened and closed with reflections by Cece Fowler.