Vestry Actions - March 2015

03.13.15 | Vestry Actions

    The Vestry met in March.


    Vestry Actions

    March 2015




    The Vestry met on March 12th, 2015:


    Randy Wight served as Chaplain and opened the meeting with a prayer.


    • The Vestry received staff reports from Kenny Hilbig on Youth Christian Education and Ann Colgrove on the music program.

    The St. Paul’s Youth are preparing an Easter Vigil to be held on April 4th and all members are encouraged to attend it as well as an island wide bi-lingual March 30th Stations of the Cross program.

    The Music Program continues to be active. Nigel Goss is planning a handbell class for the Lighthouse School students and will present a proposal at the next Vestry Meeting.


    • Sheila Daume reported on the Fellowship Committee, whose activities include the Bishop’s visitation on April 26th, a hymn sing and reception on May 17th,, and a soiree on June 24th. The Parish Dinner at the Ship’s Inn is tentatively scheduled for June 11th.


    • Dual Macintyre reported that financially St. Paul’s is operating in a fashion consistent with its budget. The Vestry approved a resolution allowing a 3.5% draw from the Ripley Nelson Fund and that this sum would be divided equally between the Rector’s Discretionary Fund and church maintenance.


    • Dual also gave the Rector Search Committee Report. We will continue to receive names through March 31st and applicants will be reviewed at a March 16th Committee meeting.


    • Steve Paradis reported that the renovation project is now essentially complete and the final hurdle will be receiving a permanent Certificate of Occupancy from the Architectural Access Board.


    • Frank Robinson reported on the progress with the AAB application for Variance. This application will rest on the fact that the construction costs were less than 30% of the realistically appraised value of St. Paul’s. It has been determined that the Town of Nantucket has not re-appraised the church for over three years, and an independent appraisal value reached by the American Appraisal Associates attests that the 30% threshold was not reached.


    • The Vestry approved the election of Frank Robinson as Assistant Treasurer and approved his plan for approaching the AAB and approved further that any Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer is empowered to address the St. Paul’s issues with the AAB.


    • The Wardens reported that a revitalized finance committee has been established. It will evaluate ways to strengthen St. Paul’s financial position. Follow up letters have gone to the 65 people who pledged to the 2013-14 Every Member Canvass campaign but have not pledged yet this year.


    • Interim Rector Gale Davis reported that the Stewardship program is in need of revival and that every effort should be expended to include the next generation in this process.


    Interim Rector Gale Davis closed the meeting with a prayer.



    The next Vestry Meeting will be held on May 7th, 2015.