Vestry Actions, March 2017

03.09.17 | Vestry Actions | by Pam Goddard

    A summary of actions taken by the Vestry at the March meeting.

    St. Paul's Vestry met at 4PM on Thursday, March 9, 2017.


    EMC Report: Pam Goddard

    Cece Fowler has written an excellent follow-up letter to finalize this year's canvass.


    Treasurer's Report: Frank Robinson

    The income and expense results YTD are unexceptional.

    Kudos to Dual and Craig Hunter, our bookkeeper par excellence, for their manipulation of our balky, inflexible financial systems to present the comparative information you requested in the poll I took.

    Phil Smith requested that we have a deeper discussion about having the Diocesan Assessment as a separate expense account, apart from Outreach, in the Financial Statements when the 2018 budget is prepared. The Diocesan Assessment is completely different from Outreach and to have it part of Outreach is misleading.


    Buildings and Grounds: Luke Thornewill

    Buildings and Grounds Committee will meet to make recommendations for moving forward with campus projects. Parish House painting will be the top priority, followed by tower painting (not included in estimates for tower work) and pew restoration.  After discussion, It was decided that we commence with the pew restoration so that it might be completed prior to summer.


    Warden Report: Stacey Stuart

    Pew Cushions: This idea is being pulled off the table.

    St. Paul's Fair: Fair chairs are moving forward with seeking funding for the kids portion of the Fair so that it might be offered free of charge to children attending. The vestry gives its wholehearted support to this idea. Cece Fowler will help John Beach identify four potential donors who might be directly solicited to donate these funds. 

    Newcomers: We would like to have a gathering to welcome newcomers to our congregation. Luke Thornewill proposed an advertising campaign to welcome/invite the community to St. Paul's. Scott Widmeyer offered his assistance. Stacey Stuart suggested Tracy Murray be part of this subcommittee.


    The meeting opened and closed with reflections by Frank Robinson.