Vestry Actions - May 2015

05.18.15 | Vestry Actions

    Plans for the Vestry Retreat in June, introduction of our new Director of Christian Education



    Youth Report: Kenny Hilbig, Youth Minister

    • Once summer is here, the Senior Youth Group (6th grade up) will not meet every Monday night but will continue to do things throughout the summer.  The Sr. Youth Group, together with the younger kids, will plan and participate in three summer services.  A few summer activities have been planned as well (beach cookout, etc.).  The older kids will help work at the Fair.  Kenny is coordinating Novelty Row.   
    • Next year’s group will look a lot different.  We have some younger kids that will be in 6th grade, and they can’t wait to be a part of the Sr. Youth Group. 
    • The Sr. Youth Group will be going to Six Flags New England on May 30 and returning on May 31.  The Group will stay at Rev. Gale Davis’ house overnight.  The kids will be selling “coupons” to help raise funds for the trip. Parishioners can exchange the coupons for services such as light yard work, house cleaning or grocery store visits.  Donations will be much appreciated as well. A collection will be taken at the May 24 services to defray the costs not otherwise covered.


    Treasurer’s Report: Dual Macintyre, Treasurer

    • An additional 30 pledge cards have been received as a result of the mailing of 75 reminder letters a few weeks ago.
    • Good news: While Net Operating Income remains negative as forecast, January-April, results reflect a $44,000 improvement over the NOI in the budget for that period.
    • Note of Caution: In the remainder of 2015, we will experience substantial extraordinary expenses: for Search Committee travel, relocation of a new Rector, and legal fees in the Architectural Access Board matter.
    • The audit of the Church’s 2014 financials will be conducted June 15. Finance Committee members Jean Wagley, Phil Smith and Jeff Blackwell were designated as the audit committee with Assistant Treasurer Frank Robinson an ex officio (St. Paul’s practice is to have an independent outside auditor conduct the audit once every 3 years.)


    Search Committee Report: Dual Macintyre, Vice Chair

    • The Search Committee has received and evaluated 33 applications. The period scheduled for receiving applications closed on March 31.
    • 6 names remain under active consideration, including 2 of the 4 interviewed via Skype in April. There are 2 other potential candidates that have not been evaluated.
    • 4 face-to-face interviews, via Skype, will be conducted in May.
    • Following these Skype interviews, those remaining under consideration will be visited by members of the Search Committee, the list then pared further, and invitations extended to 2-3 to visit Nantucket.

    Website Report: Martin McKerrow

    • Launch of the website is 3 to 4 weeks away.
    • All agreed that the website needs more spiritual content with pictures and text.
    • Martin recommended a permanent Communications Committee be formed for website maintenance and newsletter writing.


    Building and Grounds: Steve Paradis, Chair B&G Committee

    • A detailed report with updates on the tower leak and a design to show how the pews could be arranged for wheelchair access will be provided to the Vestry by e-mail.
    • The lift that has been parked in the Church lot will return by the end of the month to power wash the bell tower in furtherance of the search for the source of the chronic leaks.


    Architectural Access Board (AAB): Frank Robinson, Assistant Treasurer

    • At its meeting on Monday, April 27, 2015, the MA Architectural Access Board granted StP an extensionto September 1, 2015 of its temporary certificate of occupancy that would have expired on May 1. 
    • At its April meeting, the Vestry approved a contract with Julie L. Sloan LLC, stained glass consultants, for the appraisal of StP's stained glass windows.  Our hope was that the appraisal would value the windows at something comfortably above $1.6M such that the sum of (i) the lower of the two appraised values provided by the insurance company's appraiser of the church building excluding the stained glass windows - $3.8M - and (ii) the Sloan appraisal would exceed $5.38M, the minimum value required to escape the AAB's 30% Rule.
    • Sloan has appraised the stained glass windows at $3.0+M - the 6 (counting the triptych as one) Tiffanies at FMV of $1.35M and the 33 Connicks and Willets at replacement cost at 1.65+M.
    • On April 30, our Boston counsel submitted to the AAB StP's formal request to the AAB that it (i) accept the combined appraised values for the church building and its stained glass windows of $9.6+M ($6.606M building - the higherappraised value on just the building - and $3.0+M windows) in lieu of the FY2014 assessment of $1.477M and (ii) determine that the 30% Rule does not apply to StP's Daume Entrance project.  We have been told that our request will likely not be addressed at the AAB's lone May meeting and that June or July is the more likely time frame for a decision. 


    Executive Committee (Interim and Co-Wardens):

    • On recommendation of the Executive Committee, Phil Smith was elected to fill the balance of the term of Bob Brust who resigned in April.
    • The Rev. Gale Davis introduced Robin Junker-Boyce, the new Director of Children and Families Ministry. Robin spoke of her spiritual journey from Roman Catholic upbringing to United Church of Christ ministry in Vermont, then moving to Nantucket and joining St. Paul’s earlier this year. She stated her strengths are in community building, and hopes to increase ethnic diversity in the youth group. She will work with Kenny Hilbig in providing three summer services with youth.
    • The Vestry voted to accept the gift offered by a local artist, Donn Russell, of funding for a rose garden near the Daume Entrance in memory of Arthur Schaefer.


    Preparation for Vestry Retreat.

    • A full day Vestry retreat has been scheduled for Saturday, June 13.
    • Dual Macintyre led an exercise in which Vestry members stated one goal he/she wished to see achieved for St. Paul’s in the next 5 years.
    • Each Vestry member, taking into consideration not only his/her hopes but those stated by others, is to bring to the June 4 Vestry meeting a short description of what he/she would like our Church to be 5 years from now.
    • These descriptions will be consolidated into a single goal that will be a starting point for the retreat.


    New and Old Business:

    • The Vestry approved the recommendation of Sheila Daume to proceed with the acquisition of a 36” x 36” tablet with 51 brass plates, 10” x 1-1/2” each, which would be placed on the Memorial Garden church wall.
    • Names and birth/death dates of those interred in the Memorial Garden would be engraved on each.
    • The Vestry discussed whether to continue with the after-coffee hour forums since attendance can be quite low at the forums with the return to two services.


    Next regular Vestry meeting: Thursday, June 4, 2015.