Vestry Actions, May 2017

05.11.17 | Vestry Actions | by Pam Goddard

    A summary of actions taken by the Vestry at the May meeting.

    St. Paul's Vestry met at 4PM on Thursday, May 11, 2017.


    LONG TERM PLANNING: Ken Beaugrand
    Ken gave a preview of what to expect and how to prepare for Saturday's workshop on long term planning. The mission statement for this planning is to "restore the relevance of our Christian ethic/values so that existing and new family units become more engaged in their daily activities through participation facilitated by St. Paul's."


    Committee would like to designate the first Sunday of each month as "Outreach Sunday." Parishioners will be asked to make a separate donation to specific programs. Targeted programs for assistance are, locally, the rental assistance program and family and children services, and, nationally, the church in Cuba which parishioners have visited.
    A motion was made and unanimously approved to make the first Sunday of each month "Outreach Sunday."

    BUILDINGS & GROUNDS: Luke Thornewill
    Tower: Motion that the Vestry authorize the Buildings & Grounds Committee, under advisement from Brian Pfeiffer, our consultant, to engage Florentine Renaissance Masonry with a contract to repair the church building masonry per the bid that was submitted to St. Paul's by that company was unanimously approved.


    Motion that the Vestry authorize the Buildings & Grounds Committee, under advisement from Brian Pfeiffer, to develop a plan to minimize water intrusion to the church building during the interim time between now and the start of masonry repairs by Florentine Renaissance Masonry and request bids from selected contractors, including Russak Restoration, to effect those repairs that are best advised by the Buildings & Grounds Committee, Brian Pfeiffer, and Florentine Renaissance Masonry during this interim period of time was unanimously approved.


    TREASURER'S REPORT: Frank Robinson

    YTD, total ordinary income lagged the budget by $12,000 but exceeded 2016 by $5,000.

    At our April meeting you authorized me to obtain the services of an independent accountant to audit StP's books for 2016 for a fee not to exceed $3,500. Dual and I contacted by phone Peter Lamb of Burke & Lamb, and he agreed to reprise his role of last year. This morning I accepted his proposed engagement letter with its list of test procedures and a proposed fee of $3,000. At our June meeting, Dual and I will be asking for volunteers to serve on the audit committee to complement Peter's work.

    Also at our April meeting you approved a revision of StP's current bylaws in substantially the form distributed to you. Later on the same date, the Standing Committee of the Diocese tentatively approved the same draft with one exception, its insistence that the Vestry appoint an auditor no later than December 31 each year, over which we have reached a compromise. 

    Parochial Report: Dual Macintyre
    A motion to approve the parochial report as presented was unanimously.


    EMC REPORT: Pam Goddard
    Current EMC numbers are 164 pledge cards and $313,361. Over a seven-year period we are at the next to lowest amount for numbers of pledgers, but we are $7000 away from this being the second highest dollar amount in the same period. Our peak during this time was 2015 with 201 pledge cards and $350,973.


    RECTOR'S TIME: John Beach

    Goals that we can tie into our long term planning:
    We strive to proclaim the love of Christ in a manner which is engaging, redemptive, and attractive.
    We strive to communicate a faith which will equip our members to be persons with integrity, compassion, love, and humor.
    We strive to proclaim the Gospel to children and youth in such a way as to give them autonomy over their own lives.


    A motion to appoint Frank Robinson to be Interfaith Council delegate in Sara Jones' absence was unanimously approved. We will recognize her service in this capacity.


    The meeting opened and closed with reflections by Pam Goddard.