Vestry Actions November 2015

11.09.15 | Vestry Actions | by Pam Goddard

    Vestry Actions November 5, 2015 

    The Vestry met on November 5th, 2015. Their decisions, actions and reports are summarized below – the full minutes are available in the Church Office.

     Treasurer’s report – Frank Robinson:

    • October results were helped by the early payment of 2016 pledges
    • Expenses were about in line with our budget for the month.
    • Year to date results are positive, largely as a result of over $100,000 in gifts and bequests that have been received this year. Dependent upon capital demands, we expect, at the end of the year, to transfer a significant portion of the bequests to longer-term accounts.
    • Expenses for improvement of the Rectory and the Parish House will be charged to the Capital Campaign Account.

     Capital Campaign pledges - Jean Wagley:

    • About $130,000 of pledges remains outstanding.
    • Jean expressed confidence that we would receive a large part of the balance in the coming two years.

    Architectural Access Board – Frank Robinson:

    • The AAB on October 6th granted all requested variances, clearing the way for the issuance of a Certificate of Occupancy.
    • Within 60 days we must submit our “policy” on access to the chancel – a draft has been prepared.
    • We must provide “directional signage” that leads to the Daume entrance, such signage has been approved by the AAB but must now be approved by the Historic District Commission.
    • We have applied to the Nantucket Department of Buildings for a CO.

     Staff Reports:

    Christian Education

    • Robin Junker-Boyce will be leaving on November 15th. She thanked the Vestry for the opportunity to work with the children. She has prepared lesson plans for the balance of the year.

    Communication’s Committee Report – Martin McKerrow

    • The review and editing of the Sunday Bulletin by members of the Communication’s Committee has worked smoothly and helped shape the Bulletin’s writing and content.
    • The Church’s mission statement was again discussed with the suggestion that the statement should be as unique to St. Paul’s as possible and that this overall discussion should be driven by what St. Paul’s means to us.

    By Law Committee – Frank Robinson

    • Our proposed by-laws were presented to the Standing Committee of the Diocese and were being reviewed at the same time as the Vestry Meeting.

     Nominating Committee – Normand Berthelette:

    • The Committee will help develop names and recommendations for open Vestry positions and of a Co-Warden. Its first meeting will be November 17th.
    • Proposals of candidates will be solicited from the Congregation.

     Every Member Canvass – Pam Goddard

    • About 80 pledge cards have been received with pledges totaling about 50% of our budget.

     Buildings and Grounds – Steve Paradis

    • Water heaters in the Rectory have been replaced, and its façade will be painted in the immediate future. Interior painting was done by volunteers
    • The Parish House is being painted in stages and its roof is complete
    • The Buildings and Grounds Committee will combine with the House Committee to establish long-term targets for capital improvements to our campus.
    • Mary Lacoursiere is painting a sign with John Beach’s name.
    • Penn Austin, a local restoration expert, is going to help address our long term leak problem.

     Finance Committee – Phil Smith

    • The Committee met and addressed issues such as how our financial accounts are presented and ways to streamline reporting, the development of a long-term capital budget and our policy on the treatment of bequests. Budget development guidelines were also discussed
    • It was suggested that we consider adding a Development Committee.

     Video Project – Malcolm McNab

    • The background narrative will be recorded on November 6th and the completed video will be available in late November.
    • We are still seeking additional funding to cover the $6,000 production cost.

     Diocesan Convention – Malcolm McNab

    • Malcom asked for guidance on how to vote on three social resolutions regarding immigrant issues – Malcolm, with the support of the Vestry, will vote his conscience and report to the Vestry on the outcome.

     Executive Committee –Randy Wight

    • Randy will update the list of Church Ministries for John Beach
    • Jean Wagley is heading a small transition Committee to prepare for the Beach’s arrival on island on November 22nd.