Vestry Actions September 2015

09.10.15 | Vestry Actions | by The Vestry

    A report on the September Vestry Meeting


    MEETING of SEPTEMBER 3, 2015


    Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer, Dual Macintyre

    Dual reported receiving a total of $87,275 in bequests this year from the estates of Hays, Ferguson and Chadwick. The money has been deposited temporarily in the “Vestry Reserve.” At the end of the year, these bequests, to the extent not required to meet 2015 expenses, will be transferred to our endowment or such other account the Finance committee recommends. On motion, the Treasurer’s Report was accepted.


    Dual, noting that his six years eligibility for the Treasurer position had expired, submitted his formal letter of resignation. Gale Davis stated Dual is an outstanding example of what a layman can do, and the entire Vestry thanked him for his outstanding service as Treasurer.


    Frank Robinson then noted he had been asked to be the next Treasurer, but would accept the position only if Dual were appointed an Assistant Treasurer. Motions were approved to appoint Frank Robinson Treasurer and Dual Macintyre Assistant Treasurer. It was noted that Phil Smith, Chair of the Finance Committee, will also assist Frank and Dual.


    Video Update: Malcolm MacNab

    Malcolm reported he is in the fundraising phase of producing a touch video presentation on the history of the church. The goal is $6,000 to produce a very professional video. Dan Driscoll will shoot the video in early October.


    AAB Update: Frank Robinson

    Frank reported that on Thursday, August 27, Tom Hopkins, Executive Director of the Massachusetts Architectural Access Board, toured St. Paul’s with our new consultant Debbie Ryan (former AAB Executive Director). Our counsel filed this afternoon St. Paul’s requests for variances for all areas of the church building that are open to the public in the church building and not complaint with AAB accessibility regulations. Filing today makes possible consideration by the AAB of the requests as early as late this month.


    Building & Grounds Report: Steve Paradis, Chair

    Steve noted the new roof on the Parish House was just completed. He needs to prioritize what new projects should be done next: inside and outside painting on the Parish House and Rectory, interior Rectory painting which Steve thinks can be done by volunteers. Fixing the bell tower leak is part of his committee’s long-range plan with restoration of the tower, not patching, to be done.


    Finance Committee: Phil Smith, Chair

    Phil had emailed earlier a proposed mission and organization plan for a new Finance Committee to be appointed by the Vestry. He said the committee plans to be a policy making body for the Treasurer, the Building and Grounds committee, and any other that may require its advice.   Further consideration of the plan will be delayed until the January Vestry 2016 meeting.


    New Business by Vestry Members


    Cathy Ward initiated a discussion of plans for continuing the forums in the fall, including subject matter and time of presentation. The Rev. Dr. Gale Davis stated she has decided to continue the two services, 8 am and 10 am, until her departure at the end of October, stating Rite 1 at 8 am is very important to many people. It was decided to survey the congregation as to what topics and times would bring them to a Sunday forum.



    Co-Warden Stacey Stuart distributed a schedule for clergy and staff arrivals and departures, the preachers and celebrants after Gale Davis’ departure (October 25) and before John Beach’s arrival (November 29), Vestry meetings, and other significant dates, noting in particular the December Vestry meeting to be December 10 and the Annual Meeting January 24. A retirement party for Gale and Ernie Davis will be held October 24 at Frank and Sharon Robinson’s with the Wights co-hosting.


    A Nominating committee will be formed to create a slate for 2016 including replacements for Malcolm MacNab and Normand Berthelette both of whom have reached their term limits, Phil Smith and Martin McKerrow whose terms expire and who are eligible and willing to be elected for three-year terms, and a warden to replace Randy Wight whose term is up. A detailed job description, including the expectation that members will serve on one or two committees, will be developed for all Vestry members. Randy stated she will provide an excellent book on Vestry responsibilities to all members.


    Frank Robinson discussed the need to bring St. Paul’s by-laws up to date to reflect current practices. Because any suggested changes must be sent to the Diocese standing committee on by-laws before they can be voted on at the Annual Meeting (or any other duly noticed meeting of the congregation) work must be started now to meet the timetable. John Beach will be kept informed on ideas and progress to get his input. A notice will run in this Sunday’s bulletin asking for volunteers for the by-law committee.


    Gale Davis stated that Robin Junker-Boyce, St. Paul’s Director of Children and Family Ministry, is leaving November 15 to become Pastor of a church in Vermont. Gale will delay searching for a successor in order to permit John Beach to make the selection.


    Retreat Update: Randy Wight stated St. Paul’s “identity” was the number one priority established at our June retreat, with a focus on the mission statement. Each Vestry member was asked to draft a mission statement featuring brevity, action and something memorable, and send to Martin McKerrow by September 17. He will collate, send to Vestry by September 29, and discussion will be at the top of the October 1 Vestry agenda.


    Stacey Stuart announced and thanked all for 100% Vestry participation in the current EMC. She noted the next Ship’s Inn dinner will be September 17.


    The next regular meeting will be on Thursday, October 1, 2015 at 4:00, in the Parish House.