Vestry Actions, August 2017

08.10.17 | Vestry Actions | by Pam Goddard

    A summary of actions taken by the Vestry at the August meeting.

    St. Paul's Vestry met at 4 PM on Thursday, August 10.


    LONG RANGE PLANNING: Ken Beaugrand

    Three current goals have been established: build our three congregations (year-round, summer, young families), engage children and youth, and celebrate our faith in new and different ways. Three committees will be formed:
    Future Use of the Campus: Sandy Keys
    Communications: Scott Widmeyer
    Music and Liturgy: Stacey Stuart


    TREASURER'S REPORT: Frank Robinson
    The month of July's results reflect $33,322 of net ordinary income ($12,000 over budget), buoyed by over $36,000 (very preliminary) in net Fair income ($6,000 over July budget).

    The balance sheet remains strong with $144,764 in working capital (vs $145,832 in 2016),$200,035 (plus the CPC $100,000 grant) nominally available for tower rehab expenses, and$728,643 in endowment funds.

    Audit Report: A motion to accept the recommendations of the audit committee was voted on and unanimously approved.


    EMC UPDATE: Pam Goddard
    The committee has met three times and determined that this year's canvass will include two important asks: time/talent and pledging. The proposed theme at this time is Sharing in Our Common Life. We will include a list of current committees and subcommittees and invite people to check off ways in which they would like to be involved. The Vestry was advised that the timeline for the EMC will be shifted to October 1, rather than September 7, with Ingathering on All Saints' Day.


    BUILDINGS AND GROUNDS: Luke Thornewill
    Draft of CPC application has been prepared, waiting for an update on the cost estimate from Brian Pfeiffer. Dual Macintyre recommends that we ask for funding for the balance of our prior request.
    Parish House painting wrapping up.


    Bylaws: (via Frank Robinson)
    Straw votes were taken at the ad hoc committee meeting, its primary purpose was to enable the many parishioners who care about StP and its governance, many of whom have served on the StP Vestry and other vestries as well, to share their views and recommendations respecting the proposed revisions to the bylaws approved by the Vestry at its July 13 meeting and tabled at the congregational meeting on July 23.
    Those straw votes are IN NO WAY binding on the Vestry.
    At its Thursday, August 10 meeting the Vestry will have several options, among which are:
    To take no action in effect leaving the 2002 bylaws in place,
    To readopt the revised bylaws in the form it previously approved on July 13 and resubmit them to a special congregational meeting this summer or fall or the January 2018 Annual Meeting,
    To adopt the revised bylaws in the form it previously approved on July 13 with such changes as it may determine and submit revised revisions to a special congregational meeting this summer or fall or the January 2018 Annual Meeting.
    Lou recommended this information be sent to the congregation, they be given 30 days to respond in writing, and then the Vestry proceed. The item will be placed on the agenda for October.


    The meeting opened and closed with reflections by Phil Smith.