Vestry Actions, January 2018

01.11.18 | Vestry Actions | by Pam Goddard

    A summary of actions taken by the Vestry at the January meeting.

    St. Paul's Vestry met at 4 PM on Thursday, January 11, 2018.


    TREASURER'S REPORT: Frank Robinson

    A dramatic turnaround in December's income substantially affected the results for the entire year, with $78,300 in EMC and unrestricted gifts. A Community Preservation Committee reimbursement for our first payment to the masonry contractor is reflected in net income. Prepayments of 2018 EMC commitments will appear as January income and are slightly over amounts for the two previous years. This will make January's income misleadingly robust. January staff expenses will be less than normal, which will have a favorable impact, as well.


    Event Fees: A discussion of the fee schedule for weddings, funerals, and use of Gardner Hall will be continued into the new year so that we can establish useful guidelines.


    2018 Budget Update: Dual Macintyre
    A motion to accept the updated budget as the proposed budget for the coming year was made and unanimously approved.


    EMC: Pam Goddard
    We ended the year with a total of 112 pledges and pledged income totaling $268,337. Information will be shared with the congregation at the budget forum this Sunday. A follow up plan is in place to then send an email blast to the entire congregation.


    FUNDRAISING: Lou Gennaro
    A recap of the October fundraising meeting was shared. We need to find a way to do the Fair; it is an event that identifies us in the community. A committee of Lou Gennaro, Pam Goddard, Martin McKerrow, Sandy Keys, and Scott Widmeyer will pursue fundraising ideas.


    Five slots on the Vestry will be filled by three newcomers and two experienced Vestry persons. Cece Fowler thanked Lou and Stacey for positive, kind, and thorough leadership during the process.


    WARDENS' REPORT: Stacey Stuart & Lou Gennaro

    Thank you to all outgoing members of the Vestry for their tremendous dedication to St. Paul's: Cathy Ward, Jean Wagley, Cece Fowler, and Stacey Stuart.

    Thank you to Curtis Barnes for his ongoing work and care in pastoral visits.


    Laundry Love: Frank Robinson reported on the tremendous success of the most recent event which boasted twice the attendance of the previous effort and was utter chaos.


    The meeting opened and closed with reflections by Scott Widmeyer.