Vestry Actions, October 2017

10.12.17 | Vestry Actions | by Pam Goddard

    A summary of actions taken by the Vestry at the October meeting.

    St. Paul's Vestry met at 4 PM on Thursday, October 12.


    Cynthia Hubbard
    The Vestry is invited to meet at 4:00 on Thursday, October 26, to begin the discernment discussion. This will be followed by a meeting with approximately 15-20 parishioners and also the staff.


    TREASURER'S REPORT: Frank Robinson 
    September results: Our budget called for NOI for the month of September to be $1,300, not counting $6,000 in net income from the Ships Inn Dinner that was included in the October, not the September, budget. (Because the date (typically late September) of the second Ships Inn Dinner was not known in January when the budget was put together, we assumed out of caution that the associated revenue would be collected and reported in October.)
    Ordinary income for September was $32,568 (including $6,200 from the Ships Inn Dinner) vs. the budget of $46,900 (which did not include the Ships inn Dinner revenue).
    Ordinary expenses for September were $52,340, $6,500 over budget, resulting in a negative NOI of almost $20,000.

    The balance sheet shows $133,931 in working capital (vs $194,115 in 2016), a further erosion reflecting the $20,000 drain on W/C as a result of September's negative NOI, $198,998 (plus the CPC $100,000 grant) nominally available for tower rehab expenses, and $736,690 in endowment funds.


    EMC UPDATE: Pam Goddard
    299 packets for the 2018 EMC were mailed today. The theme this year is I Can Make A Difference. Ingathering will be November 5.


    FAMILY MINISTRY: Larry Smith
    Three activities planned at the last meeting, attended by nine: spaghetti dinner for the parish, pie baking for the Thanksgiving dinner at the Legion, and Christmas caroling at the docks.


    WARDENS' REPORT: Lou Gennaro & Stacey Stuart
    Music Search: Malcolm MacNab will chair the search committee for a new music director.
    Communications: A reminder to use Scott Widmeyer as an avenue to communications with the parish, for help with advertising, and inserts into the bulletin.
    New Vestry Slate: Outgoing vestry members, wardens, John Beach, and any interested parishioners will form the nominating committee.


    Fundraising follow up: Lou Gennaro will begin the initiative to revisit our activities, discern sustainability, brainstorm, and follow through on this initiative.
    Laundry Love update: Funding for an initial event is in place from the Rector's Discretionary Fund and accessibility arranged from Holdgate's Laundry. Dates to be determined.
    Community Dinners: St. Paul's will be invited to host a dinner in the coming months.
    CPC Application update: Our application reviewed in today's public hearing. Committee members complimentary and positive about Daume Entrance and window restoration. Likely that we will receive some funding.
    Newcomers Greeters ROTA has been established. Welcome cards that have been placed in the narthex have been disappearing.
    Communication about the Caroline French Society will go out in November to identify those who are already members and solicit new members.
    Bylaws: A follow up email from the last meeting will be sent out, advising the congregation of what was discussed at that meeting and that we will review the results at the Annual Meeting on February 11, 2018.



    The meeting opened and closed with reflections by John Beach.