Vestry Actions, September 2017

09.14.17 | Vestry Actions | by Pam Goddard

    A summary of actions taken by the Vestry at the September meeting.

    St. Paul's Vestry met at 4 PM on Thursday, September 14.


    SUMMER FAIR: Sharon Robinson & Penny Macintyre
    Challenges going forward: getting enough volunteers, an aging population, jobs of heavy lifting, quality and volume of donations of saleable items, who is going to take it over - not just the Fair itself, but certain parts like Kidstreet, Silent Auction, Bake Table, all the things Dan Bills has done. Kidstreet, Novelty Row, and Snack Shack provide goodwill; Silent Auction and Gift Chalet provide revenue.
    Vestry needs to take a good look at all of our fundraising efforts. We need to send a letter to the parish that we do not have the capacity to support the Fair in its current form and invite anyone who is interested to attend a meeting about fundraising ideas. Two paths going forward:
    1) initiative to support the Fair
    2) fundraising in general


    The search for an interim and a replacement are under way; meanwhile Ann Colgrove will continue to lead the choir through the calendar year.


    CPC Grant Update: Dual Macintyre
    This year's application was filed on September 1, after close work with Luke Thornewill and Brian Pfeiffer. There will be a meeting next week with the Community Preservation Committee where members will have a chance to ask questions about the proposal.


    TREASURER'S REPORT: Frank Robinson

    The combination of $22,367 of NOI and $31,634 of "other" net income produced net income of $54,000. The balance sheet remains strong with $152,063 in working capital (vs $174,916 in 2016),$197,822 (plus the CPC $100,000 grant) nominally available for tower rehab expenses, and$728,643 in endowment funds.

    A motion to approve the content of the substance of the letter from St. Paul's advising the Diocese as to the Vestry's decisions respecting the recommendations of our outside auditor contained in its procedures letter respecting St. Paul's 2016 financial statements was voted on and unanimously approved.


    EMC REPORT: Pam Goddard & John Beach
    A final draft of the case statement is being compiled. This letter will focus on two points for the coming year: hiring a family ministry coordinator and the need to shift our income away from fundraising. The theme is I Can Make A Difference. We will also include a Time and Talent card, asking everyone who responds to check off at least one box that will show how they would like to be involved in our ministry.


    WARDEN REPORT: Stacey Stuart
    A reminder that there are prayer shawls available for anyone in need.


    RECTOR'S TIME: John Beach
    The Family Ministry Committee will meet tomorrow. On the agenda will be the discussion of what the work of a family minister in our parish would look like.
    John Rice will serve our church while John is away in January. The annual meeting will be scheduled for February 10.
    Curtis Barnes, Tracy Murray, Randy Wight, and John Beach have formed the Newcomers Committee.
    Beginning in October, the Wednesday 8:30 morning prayer service will be at 5:30 combined with the meditation.


    "Laundry Love:" Frank Robinson sought the Vestry's permission to meet with the Holdgates to pursue this ministry.


    The meeting opened and closed with reflections by Larry Smith.