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Serving Each Other and Our Island Community, in the Lord's Name.

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Your gift helps us fulfill our mission -- To Make the Love of God More Widely Known -- by serving our parish, our island community and the wider world. You can make a one-time donation or set up an account for repeat contributions (if you set up recurring donations on our old website, please do it again here).  All information is kept private and will not be shared with any third party. Thank you for your generosity!

We believe that we can better spread God's Love if we reach the broadest audience possible.  Consequently, we provide our community with support and love that range from the sacramental - worship services - to the practical - feeding the needy and the locked in--to the ministerial -- Father Max and our staff.  We can do this only with the support of our Parishioners and our friends.  Our 2022 budget projects costs of over $700,000, virtually all of which must be raised through pledges and gifts to the Church and the income from our fundraising events.  In a typical year our events provide only about 15% of our income.  Plate offerings provide another 10%.  Thus pledges and gifts from Stewardship must raise the balance.

We believe that a combination of our Sacramental offerings and our community involvement makes us worthy or your support, and our giving solutions make it easy to do so.  Pledges or gifts can be made in cash or in securities.  Click on the donate now button if you want to give a cash gift.  Planned Giving is also a way to provide long-term support.

Giving Securities to St. Paul's

Parishioners may choose to give securities as their Treasure.  St. Paul's maintains an account at Commonwealth Financial which can take delivery of your securities and place them in St. Paul's account.  We sell all securities immediately upon learning they are in our account to use your donation to support our activities.  Since securities laws prohibit Commonwealth from giving the name of the donor, it would be helpful if you informed the Finance Office  (508-228-0916 Ext16) of the number of shares and the name of the security you are donating.

If you wish to donate securities, please contact Tim Keohan at Commonwealth Financial.  Tim can be reached at 781-464-7109.  Deliver instructions to Commonwealth can be obtained from the

The Caroline French Society Recognizes those who have Recognized St. Paul's

The Caroline French Society recognizes those who have recognized St. Paul's in their estate. There is probably no better way to provide long-term support for the church we all love than to make gift through planned giving. Today, more than 10% of the congregation has recognized the church in their estates.   Please contact our Treasurer to learn more about the society and how to join it.

Our Annual Report Give a Broad View of What We Do and What it Costs

Our Annual Report is published each January and is approved by our Congregation.  The report summarizes the activities, financial results of 2022 and our budget for 2023.