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A church like St.Paul's, with a permanent staff of only four, relies on volunteers. So we need your help--there is a lot of work to be done. What interests you? Scroll down to see the many opportunities! 

 If your interests fall in any of the areas below you can learn more by contacting our church office by calling 508-228-0916 or emailing us at . You can also email our wardens, Robert Felch and Libby Tracey, by clicking on their names here.

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Worship Participation

The Altar Guild

Working on a Committee

Our Worship Services offer several ways for you to participate.

Coffee Hour

Sunday Coffee Hour, held in Gardner Hall or in the church garden (weather permitting), is a long-standing tradition at St. Paul's Church. It provides a weekly opportunity for the congregation to gather after the principal service for fellowship and light refreshments. It also provides an excellent occasion for welcoming visitors from far or near. Members take turns hosting the coffee hour each Sunday. 
Please sign up il to host or contribute to our Sunday Coffee Hour by contacting the church office at 508-228-0916 or send an  .

Ushers & Greeters

A friendly welcome from an usher gives an important first impression to visitors to St. Paul’s Church. Ushers are a visible part of all services. They hand out bulletins, seat latecomers, take up the collection, guide communicants to the altar rail, and are present to answer questions and assist with specific needs. Ushers are representative of our Christian mission of hospitality, and we are always in need of more smiling faces at our door. Contact Curtis Barnes for more information via email or by calling 508-228-0916. 

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is a ministry that’s primary focus is on the preparation of the altar for services including Holy Eucharist. Working in teams, the Guild sets the altar while maintaining the linens, vestments and vessels used in regular and special – including baptisms, holidays, weddings and funeral or memorial - services. In addition, traditionally following weekend services the Guild arranges and distributes flowers to community members whose life might be enhanced by such a gift. If you are interested in joining the Guild, contact Dottie Gennaro via email or calling the Parish Office..

Lay Readers

Lay Readers perform an important ministry at St. Paul’s Church reading the day's lesson and psalms as well as the Prayers of the People. They are very visible and valuable ministers in all of our worship services. For more information, contact Curtis Barnes via the or by calling 508-228-0916.


Acolytes assist in the liturgy by carrying the processional cross and candles and by assisting the Celebrant in preparing the altar for the Eucharist. Acolytes are expected to be regular members of the parish community who are familiar with the liturgy.  There is regular training for new acolytes, as well as seasonal 'brush-ups' for veterans. All who are interested in serving, especially young people, are encouraged to join us. Contact Curtis Barnes via our office, or by calling 508-228-0916 for more information. 

Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharistic Ministers assist with the chalice at Holy Communion services.  Eucharistic Ministers are an important part of the fabric of St. Paul’s Church, as they support and help strengthen the role of the ordained clergy in the celebration of the liturgy. Their presence at the altar during Sunday services is one of the most visible and active of our lay ministries. For more information, contact Curtis Barnes by email or by call 508-228-0916. 

Hospitality and Fellowship

St. Paul's has a very active Hospitality  Committee: 

  • Our Hospitality Committee oversees events such as our coffee hour, our spring and fall parish dinners and any other social events during the season, including concerts.
  • The Committee welcomes all to St. Paul's, especially new members. It is also a resource for those who wish to learn more about what we do and how they can get involved. 
  • Community events such as Bingo and Barbecues are hosted throughout the year.
  • If  these activities spark your desire to participate, please contact our church office by calling 508-228-0916 or emailing us at  for more information.


St. Paul's members are involved in our church and our community.  Our committees represent our ministries and handle many of the functional areas of our church such as finance and communications, as well as external events such as welcoming new members. If any of the ministries below interest you, please contact the church office.

Altar Guild Committee 

  • The Altar Guild is responsible for preparing the altar for all services held in the church. The committee manages and maintains supplies.

Campus Review Committee 

  • This committee has oversight and management of the buildings and grounds on the St. Paul’s campus.  It recommends maintenance activities that are subject to Vestry approval and oversees the completion of approved projects.

  Capital Planning Committee 

  • This committee works with liaisons with the Finance and Campus Review committees to develop a five- to ten-year capital program for St. Paul's. This planning not only identifies capital needs but evaluates and documents funding sources for the church.

  Communications Committee 

  • This committee develops and oversees the broad public communications of the church.  These include Tidings, our newsletter, and our website. It also works with our Rector on the weekly parish updates.  Additionally, the committee is continuously reviewing and seeking to reinforce our messaging to assure continuity with our activities.

 Hospitality Committee 

  • The Hospitality Committee oversees the coffee hour that follows Sunday's principal worship service. It also helps manage special events such as our Ships Inn dinners and the St. Paul's Suppers dessert program.  It oversees the scheduling and management of events in Gardner Hall.  It assures that we have adequate staff to manage our commercial kitchen and arranges training for that staff. 

Finance Committee 

  • The Finance Committee assists the Vestry in its fiduciary responsibilities. It provides broad oversight of St. Paul’s finances and recommends to the Vestry ways to maintain prudent financial practices and procedures. As such, it also oversees the management and results of our long-term investment funds.  Additionally, it works with the Treasurer (who is a standing member) to ensure that the congregation is regularly informed of the parish’s financial standing.

Mission Committee 

  • This committee’s mission of service on Nantucket aspires to the teachings of Matthew 25:40. It reads “in as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of my brethren, ye have done it unto me."  Acting with a spirit of God’s love and compassion, we seek to bring about meaningful change, one person and community at a time. It provides non-denominational support to help alleviate suffering, enhance wellbeing and provide comfort to those in need in Nantucket and beyond. The Mission Committee oversees the St. Paul's Supper program; our work with the Nantucket Public School System; the Laundry Love program, and our support for the island's Food Pantry and more.
  • The St. Paul's Supper program requires four volunteers to bake desserts, assemble dinners and deliver them.  Contact Bob Felch via the Church Office if you'd like to volunteer.  

Stewardship Committee

  • This committee overseas our annual Stewardship Campaign for financial pledges and gifts that support for St. Paul's operations; pledge income provides more than 80% of the funding of the church's budget, which typically exceeds $500,000 a year. The committee establishes the annual stewardship message, prepares fundraising materials and manages the church member database to assure we reach all parishioners and friends of St. Paul’s.

Nominating Committee

  • The Nominating Committee is appointed annually by the Vestry to organize and manage the nominating process for Vestry officers and members, under the by-laws of St. Paul's. 


Our ministries offer an avenue for lay involvement in our services and  our educational efforts

Christian Education

  • This ministry provides weekly Bible study classes led by Father Max.  This Ministry in evaluating its offerings in a post pandemic environment.

Liturgical Participation

  • We welcome lay participation in our services.  As outlined elsewhere on this site, these roles include ushering; the Altar Guild; lectors and Eucharistic Ministers. Additionally, our music program offers choir participation for those who love to sing.