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St. Paul's unFAIR

Thursday, July 09, 2020

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Since 1903 when our first summer Fair was held, we have asked our members to bake, volunteer, haul, donate goods, flip burgers, shuck clams, spin cotton candy, pop corn, play games, set up, break down and clean up.             


Reluctantly, we have canceled the 2020 Fair out of concern for the health and safety of our Fair goers and volunteers.  So, you get a year off - put your feet up, go to the beach, go fishing, play golf.

St. Paul’s Church, however, cannot take a year off.  The lost income from this year’s Fair will have a significant impact on the Church’s budget. This is so unfair that we are holding an UNFAIR. Before you pack your beach bag or get your golf shoes out, please consider making a donation to St. Paul’s that reflects what you would have spent at the Fair or in gratitude for not having to put up tents, sweat over a hot grill, chase stray balls down Fair St., or get cotton candy out of a six year-old’s hair.  Or just make a donation in thanksgiving for St. Paul’s being there for all of us during these challenging times.


For each $100 you donate you are entitled to receive one UNFAIR lobster dinner.


For each $50 donation, a fried chicken picnic meal is available for you.

Meals can be picked up on July 9 at St. Paul’s (you will be given a pick up time when ordering) and taken home to be enjoyed while tuning in to a very special UNFAIR music event - The Clambake Cavalcade – An evening of Summer Music Favorites - presented by Joe Hammer and friends.

Donations by credit card may be made directly to St. Paul’s by going to stpaulschurchnantucket.org and under Giving click Donate Now then choose the unFAIR option. Checks may be sent to    St. Paul’s Church, 20 Fair St., Nantucket, MA 02554. If you wish to take advantage of the dinner option for your donation, please contact Sharon Robinson at or          508 228-9434. Deadline for ordering dinners is July 1st.

Thank you so much for joining us for the first (and hopefully last) UNFAIR.

Sharon Robinson

2020 St. Paul’s (un)Fair Chair