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October 29, 2022

Dear St. Paul’s Church Family,  

   It is joy for Olly & me to be back home here from vacation on our other island. We return refreshed from our many outdoor adventures and also relaxed from the intermittent lazy, rainy, foggy days. We are re-energized for these months ahead, already diving into the details of our various shared ministries, upcoming events, the approaching season of Advent, our Christmas Market, and all that follows culminating in Easter in April. Fasten your seat belt!

  I have been listening to Joe Hammer practice for tomorrow afternoon’s Spooky Pipe Organ Concert. Wow! Come on out if on island, invite friends and neighbors, or watch from a distance on Facebook or YouTube. Adults and children of all ages will thoroughly enjoy the selections Joe is presenting for this pre-Halloween community gathering. We continue to be so blessed by Joe’s creativity and talent. See you at church!



Next Sunday is Pledge Sunday, November 6

As of this week, we have received 62 pledges totaling $168,000, about a third of our 2023 stewardship campaign goal of $525,000. This pledge amount is up 12% for this group of pledgers over 2022, which helps us cover inflation as well as sustain and grow our many programs and ministries. To those who have pledged, thank you for your continued generosity! We look forward to next Sunday, Nov. 6, Pledge Sunday, a day that, historically, we have received many pledges. If you have not pledged yet, you can do so then by dropping your pledge card in the collection plate; you can also mail it into or drop it off at the church office. You may also pledge online at our website with a secure payment by clicking here. Our campaign theme for 2023 is “Serving Each Other and Our Island Community, in the Lord’s Name.”

Thanks Be To God, From Whom All Blessings Flow!

Peter Barnes and Patsy Wright, Co-Chairs

This Week at St. Paul’s Church in Nantucket


Tuesdays -Thursdays

8:30 am-12:00 pm  Regular church office hours; Parish House



9:00 am-12:00 pm  Regular church office hours; Parish House


Tuesday, November 1

12:00 p.m.     Lunchbox Series


Wednesday, November 2

9:00 a.m.      Staff Meeting

12:00 p.m.     Mid-Week Music in person and broadcast in church  


Thursday, November 3

11:30 a.m.     Bible Study in person and broadcast in church  


Sunday, November 6 Pledge Sunday

9:30 a.m.     Holy Eucharist

10:45 a.m.   Coffee Hour

Updated Contact Information

Please email if your contact information has changed and needs to be updated.

Upcoming Happenings

St. Paul's Lunchbox Series C Resumes

It will resume Tuesday, November 1, noon to 1 pm. We are pleased to announce that Duccio di Buoninsegna, Leonardo da Vinci, Cambridge University art researchers, and Swiss artist Pascal Fessler have confirmed their attendance. Feel free to join by   person or by zoom as your schedule permits. To receive the handout for "Judas in Art", and/or get the zoom link, please write to Sam Baker at  


St. Paul's Pre-Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner

Please save the date for the St. Paul's Pre-Thanksgiving Fellowship Dinner on Tuesday, November 22, at 6 pm in Gardner Hall. In celebration of America's Italian heritage, we will feature spaghetti marinara con la carne and vino. In celebration of our French-English-American heritage, we will offer a (French) New Orleans (English) Bread Pudding with (American) Bourbon Sauce. Further details to come.

Mid-Week Music@ St. Paul’s

Wednesdays 12:00-12:30 p.m. for Mid-Week Music @ St. Paul’s. Join us on your lunch break in person on Fair Street or on Facebook Live at St. Paul’s Church in Nantucket - Episcopal or on Youtube at St. Paul’s - Nantucket (and taped for later viewing).

Daylight Savings Ends - November 6th

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back an hour




                NICE                                                             NAUGHTY

(Please Donate)                                              (Don’t even think about it)


Christmas décor                                              Used clothing of any type


Holiday related items.                                      Dirty or damaged items


Silver and crystal                                             Electrical appliances


Jewelry – real and costume.                            Furniture/lamps


Handcrafted items                                           Garden equipment


Candles and candlesticks                               Books


Christmas wrapping paper                             Colanders/vegetable peel


 Nantucket Memorabilia                                  Luggage

     or themed items                                            


Art (originals or prints)                                   Sheets and towels


Treasures of all kinds                                      Junk of any kind


Nothing to donate? Become a sponsor! Go to St. Paul’s website and follow the prompt to donate on line to support the Christmas Market or write a check to St. Paul’s Church with Christmas Market on the memo line.




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The information to access our daily broadcast offerings is as follows:


Sunday Holy Eucharist at 9:30am

  • in person
  • via Facebook Live at St Paul's Church in Nantucket - Episcopal
  • or via Zoom at click here and then click on Join a Meeting and use the ID code and then the Passcode when prompted with the meeting ID # 983 0366 8882 Passcode: 373740
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Thursday morning Bible study 11:30-12:30, in person at church and via Facebook Live or Zoom (with the meeting ID # 957 8383 4554 and Passcode 206515).


Joe Hammer’s Mid-Week Music @St. Paul's, Wednesdays at noon, in person at church and via Facebook Live.

St. Paul’s Church in Nantucket (Episcopal)

October 30, 2022

Twenty-first Sunday after Pentecost

Holy Eucharist



Ringing of the Bell

Prelude                Chant de Foi (Song of Faith)

                              Craig A. Penfield (b. 1948)

Hymn 411                  O bless the Lord, my soul!        St. Thomas (Williams)

The Acclamation 

Celebrant Blessed be God: Father, son, and Holy Spirit.

People And blessed be God’s kingdom, now and for ever. Amen.

Collect of the Day

The Lessons


A Reading from Habakkuk 1:1-4; 2:1-4

Psalm 119:137- 144

A Reading from 2 Thessalonians 1:1-4, 11-12

The Holy Gospel according to Luke (19:1-10)


Sermon                                                                         The Rev. Max J. Wolf

Music Meditation         Allegretto Pastorale

                                   W.G. Alcock (1861-1947)


The Nicene Creed

The Prayers of the People

The Peace

The Peace of the Lord be always with youAnd also with you.


Offertory                        Sometimes A Light Surprises                            Choir

   Words: William Cowper (1731-1800); Music: Richard Shephard (1949-2021)


Sometimes a light surprises the Christian while he sings. It is the Lord who rises, with healing in his wings. When comforts are declining, he grants the soul again a season of clear shining, to cheer it after rain. W In holy contemplation we sweetly then pursue the theme of God's salvation, and find it ever new; set free from present sorrow, we cheerfully can say, let the unknown tomorrow bring with it what it may. W Yet God the same abiding his praise shall tune my voice, for while in him confiding, I cannot but rejoice. Who gives the lilies clothing, will clothe his people, too; and we shall want for nothing, our God will hear us through.

Doxology sung                                                                                     Old 100th


Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; praise him, all creatures here below; praise him above, ye heavenly host; praise

 Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

The Great Thanksgiving 


The Breaking of the Bread


At the Communion        

 Variants on “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence” (Picardy) 

Russell Schultz-Widmar (b. 1944)


I. “Let All Mortal Flesh Keep Silence”; II. “King of Kings, Yet Born to Mary”; III. “Rank on Rank the Host of Heaven”; IV. “At His Feet the Six-winged Seraph”

Postcommunion Prayer (BCP 365)




Hymn 470      There’s a wideness in God’s mercy         Beecher





Voluntary                     Voluntary in C major

                                 Anonymous (18th Century)




All are invited to Coffee Hour after the service

downstairs in Gardner Hall.

This morning’s coordinators are Sister Susanna and Yvette St. Jean.






Celebrant                                    The Rev. Max J. Wolf 

Verger                                        Curtis Barnes

Eucharistic Minister                 Paul Borneman III

Readers                                       Kathy Baird, Bob Ford

Prayers of the People               Paul Borneman III  

Ushers                                        Christine Borneman, Lou Gennaro

Altar Guild                                  

Choir                                           Deborah Beale, Normand Berthelette,

                                                    Kevin Carroll, Eli Jordan, Julia Marks,

                                                    Ann Martindale, Libby Tracey

Music Director & Organist       Joe Hammer

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