For Families

St. Paul’s welcomes, values and encourages family membership. Nantucket is a magical place for children, and at St. Paul’s, we like to think that we extend that magic to a child’s spiritual beginnings. Our programs for children are on hiatus because of the pandemic. But we soon will offer these programs for children:

  • A lively Christian Education program on Sunday mornings (Sunday school), with children joining their families for the latter part of our Eucharist Service. 
  • A youth choir that joins Sunday services.
  • An acolyte program for older children. They will serve in Sunday services at the altar with Father Max and Verger Curtis Barnes.
  • Older children can also join the Hand-bell Choir.
  • They can also participate in our youth ministry.
  • They can enjoy occasional Friday evening youth concerts in the church with free pizza.
  • Children of all ages can also participate in family weddings and baptisms. 

    Email the church office for updates