Your questions answered:

What should I know about St. Paul's?

St. Paul's Church is an historic Episcopal church located off Main Street in the heart of Nantucket. We are a congregation of faithful people who work together to share the knowledge and experience of God's loving presence in the Nantucket community and beyond. We happily welcome new members and visitors.  Our Communion table is open to all.

What's going on at St Paul's this week?

Please check services and events.

Is music a part of services at St. Paul's?

Music is an important part of our worship and parish life at St. Paul's. We have a thriving and dynamic music program that includes choirs for both adults and children as well as a hand-bell choir. We frequently feature gifted parishioners as instrumentalists and musical guests as instrumentalists and soloists at worship services. Concerts  are held throughout the year that range from classical to jazz performances.

If I have never attended an Episcopal Church, how can I learn more about The Episcopal Church and about St. Paul's?

Father Max welcomes your questions and comments, either informally at church or by appointment at the Parish House office. He can be reached by email by clicking here:


How do I contact the priest in an emergency?

You may call the office at 508-228-0916 during the day. After office hours, please call Father Max at 302-542-5587. Please leave a message if there is no immediate response and your call will be returned quickly. 

Are you able to visit me, a relative or friend who is homebound or at the Nantucket Cottage Hospital?

Father Max will visit parishioners and non-parishioners alike. Please call the church office or call Father Max on his cell phone listed above.

How do I add someone to the prayer list?

Call or email the church  and ask to place the person on our prayer list. We pray aloud for those listed at our Sunday services and Facebook broadcasts, and usually keep people on the list for four weeks. You may call and renew the request at the end of that time if you wish the prayers to be continued.

How do I get on the mailing list for the bulletin and newsletter?

Add your email to the sign-up box for parish news at the bottom of this page. You may also contact our parish administrator by calling the church office at 508-228-0916,or by emailing the office with your email address.  

How do I submit an announcement in the weekly bulletin and what is the deadline?

The deadline is usually Wednesday morning. Contact the parish administrator to submit articles or notices.

Are recent sermons and Parish Updates available on line? 

Both sermons and bulletins are available at Watch and Parish Update on this website.

How do I plan a wedding at St. Paul's?

Please contact the Parish Administrator by phone at 508-228-0916 or by email to inquire about available dates, fees and other information. We welcome non-parishioners in marriage at St. Paul's Church.   Father Max utilizes a couple's survey for marriage preparation. He is also available for offsite weddings.

May I rent the kitchen and hall for a private event?

Please contact the parish administrator for the information and the terms on how these facilities may be made available.

How do I donate altar flowers?

Please contact the parish administrator to arrange for this donation.  Flower donations in remembrance or celebration are mentioned aloud during the prayers on Sunday.

How do I volunteer to help at St. Paul's or with community outreach?

Contact the parish administrator. Please check the St. Paul's committees to learn more about our programs and ministries. This will give you a sense of the breadth of what we do.

How do I volunteer to help at St. Paul's services by greeting, ushering, reading lessons or serving as a Eucharistic Minister?

Contact our verger, Curtis Barnes via the church office.

If I have never attended an Episcopal Church, how can I learn more about it and St. Paul's?

Review these resources to learn more.