Cece Fowler

Cece Fowler is a cradle Episcopalian and a native Newport Beach, California. She received a BA from
the University of Southern California and upon graduation met her husband, Mack. They lived in
Boston and New York before moving to Houston where they raised their two children.
She has volunteered for many organizations, but once becoming a member of Christ Church Cathedral
she devoted much of her time to the church. She returned to school and took an MFA in Creative
Writing and Literature from Bennington College. Having worked on several capital campaigns, she
chaired the Building for Community Campaign for the Christ Church and once that was successfully
completed, she became Director of Stewardship and Communications at the Cathedral.
Her work in Houston led her to a Board position at the College of Preachers at Washington National
Cathedral and then to the Chapter of WNC where she chaired the Development Committee. From
there she became involved with Virginia Theological Seminary, where she co-chaired the Chapel for
the Ages Campaign with the former Presiding Bishop, the Rt. Revered Frank Griswold.
In 2002 the Fowlers purchased a home in ‘Sconset and Cece began attending St. Paul’s. In time she
was honored to become a vestry member and was able to better understand the rich parish life and
wonderful community that is an integral part of her Nantucket experience.
Nantucket has also provided the opportunity for her to pursue her childhood passion for sailing. She
immediately became involved with Nantucket Community Sailing, and later joined the Great Harbor
Yacht Club. In August she completed her term as the first woman Commodore.

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