Steve Paradise

Steve was born, raised and currently resides on Nantucket with his wife Jenny. They were married in
1987 and have 2 grown daughters, Justine and Liza. Both are 30 something and married. They are
eagerly awaiting word that their application has been approved for entry into The Grandparent Club.
St. Paul’s has been part of Steve’s life for some time, starting with serving as an acolyte as a young
boy. As often happens, church took a back seat for awhile but he’s been happily involved with St.
Paul’s for several years running. He previously served on the Vestry for 6 years during the
construction of The Daume Entrance and the renovations to Gardner Hall.
Steve is pleased and proud to be of service to St Pauls once again as an incoming Class of 2027 Vestry

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